Our Partners

Join us as we celebrate the incredible contributions of our partners and the transformative impact we’re able to achieve together. Together, we’re building bridges, breaking down barriers, and creating a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Thank you to our partners for standing with us in our journey of compassion and change.


We’re committed to touching lives

Through our outreach programs, we offer healthy food, medical help, clean water, shelter, education, and mentorship, nurturing futures and building strong community bonds. We spread hope through collaborative efforts, counseling services, and inspirational events, fostering a sense of solidarity and optimism. Join us in our mission to make a difference – whether through volunteering, donations, or advocacy, your support is invaluable in creating a brighter future for all.

Healthy Food

Serving More Than Meals: Feeding Hope, One Plate at a Time. Our nutritious food programs not only satisfy hunger but also nourish souls, ensuring that every bite brings comfort and vitality to those in need.

Medical Help

From Ailment to Aspiration: Providing Healing Hands and Hopeful Hearts. Our medical assistance initiatives go beyond treating illnesses; they embody compassion, dignity, and a renewed sense of well-being, fostering resilience in the face of adversity.

Clean Water

Beyond Hydration: Renewing Spirits, Revitalizing Communities. With every drop of clean water, we ignite a ripple effect of transformation, quenching thirsts, and empowering communities to thrive amidst challenges.


Igniting Minds, Illuminating Futures: Where Learning Becomes Liberation. Our educational endeavors transcend textbooks, empowering individuals with knowledge, skills, and confidence to break barriers and shape their destinies.


A Reputable NGO

The Christ Ambassador’s Christ Foundations International Group (CACFIG) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Christian-based organization with EIN 85-3535-870. We are dedicated to imparting lives that bring hope, particularly to the homeless populations, orphans, underprivileged, and unaccompanied minors, from hopeless existence to productive, serviceable people in our community.

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Join Our Journey: Be the Heartbeat of Change

Become a part of something truly meaningful by volunteering with us. Whether you’re passionate about helping the homeless, mentoring underprivileged youth, or spreading hope through community outreach, there’s a place for you in our family. Join us as we make a real difference, one act of kindness at a time.


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Join us as we celebrate triumphs, share challenges, and connect with the beating heart of our community. 

Embarking on a Global Mission: CACFIG is on the forefront of spreading God’s kingdom by tending to the spiritual, social, and physical well-being of individuals not just in Las Vegas but worldwide. Our vision transcends borders, illuminating hearts, lifting communities, and ushering in a brighter, more compassionate world.

At the heart of everything we do is love – love that echoes the compassion of Christ Himself. Our mission is simple yet profound: to reach every nation and tongue with the message of hope and redemption. We reach out to orphans and vulnerable children, embrace widows and widowers with practical support for self-sustainability, and provide nurturing care to unaccompanied minors. Through it all, we share the incredible power of Jesus Christ – a power that transforms lives and ignites hope. Together, we’re not just changing circumstances; we’re touching souls and spreading love that knows no bounds.

At CACFIG, we’re not just an organization – we’re a community of compassionate hearts on a mission. As a non-profit Christian-based group, we’re driven by a simple yet powerful purpose: to breathe hope into the lives of those who need it most. From the forgotten souls on our streets to the innocent faces of orphans, the underprivileged, and unaccompanied minors, we’re committed to transforming their stories from despair to triumph. Together, we’re not just changing lives; we’re building a tapestry of hope, resilience, and love that binds us all as one human family.

Are You Ready to Be Part of Something Truly Meaningful? Join Us in Our Mission Today and Become a Catalyst for Change! Together, We’ll Create a Ripple Effect of Hope, Compassion, and Empowerment That Transforms Lives and Communities. Whether You Volunteer, Donate, or Spread the Word, Your Contribution Matters. Join Our Family and Be the Change You Want to See in the World.

Our Drive

Our Sustainable Development Goals

Together, We’re Building a Better World Where Every Person Thrives, Every Community Flourishes, and Every Generation Inherits a Brighter Future. Join Us in Our Journey Towards a More Sustainable, Equitable, and Resilient Tomorrow.